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I know it’s WAY TOO LATE to give my thoughts about the final episode of Tokyo Ravens. But why not? So after watching the episode… Man, i demand a second season for the series. Too many unanswered questions in the very end. Like, where is Harutora (Yakou) and his shikigami going to? The same goes to Jin Ootomo and his new shikigami, Ashiya Doman. And what about Natsume? Did the ritual ended up as a success? Or failure? Harutora’s memory too. Is it replaced by Yakou’s memory? I hope not.

Well, i hope the others will find both Harutora and Natsume. A great series indeed, and i will love to see the second season. Let’s keep our hope high.

YEAH!! Back from the cave, at last. I know, it’s been months after my last post, but that’s the risk of being a final year high school student. I have passed the national exam (with nice results) and i have to prepare for my college. So yeah, the only thing i really want to say from this chapter is… AMAZING. 

Just imagine, Lucy kicked that Jackal’s ass (an overkill to be honest, but that’s worth it), Celestial King petrified the Marde Guille (really? The King of Underworld just got petrified? Well, that Celestial King sure is a serious guy), and everyone returned to the battlefield (Erza included. But did Minerva just called her ‘my beloved’? My, I hope Jellal and the Oracion gang will be there).

Next chapter : Tartaros Arc : Part 3 - Father and Son. Surely about Gray and Silver. But can our Fairy Tail defeat the demons of Zeref? And E.N.D. is still a mystery… Mashima-sensei sure know how to make us fans wondering and keep wondering…


So yeah, here i am. I’m sorry that i haven’t told you before that i will not post anything for a long time. Or at least a post or two in the weekend, but the point is, the blog is semi-hiatus for now. I have to prepare for national exam, and it’s only a month from now. Yeah, busy, i know. But, i’ll try my best to at least post something in the end of the week. I will be back, and fully active on the middle of April.

So to my followers, i’m terribly sorry for my inactiveness and the late notification (seriously, i’ve lost three followers already).




this is my brother two years ago. we were at the park, just me and him, and he turned to me and said “kayla, don’t you ever wish there were no bad people in the world?” i thought it to be a funny thing for a 5 year old to say, but shrugged it off. last year, he didnt come home from school, we thought that being only in grade prep, he might’ve decided to go home with his bestfriend without telling us, but he didn’t.  the school confirmed they saw him get on his school bus after the bell rang. but thats all we knew, the bus driver said that he had gotten off a stop early, my mother was frantically searching the neighbourhood for him. we never found him. it’s been two years and we’re still looking for him, he was such a beautiful boy, and i cant help but think the worst. he could be anywhere in the world by now, so please, reblog this, no matter where you’re from, you could save a life. xx

if you dont reblog this i have no respect for you. help save a child’s life.

this literally breaks my heart

this relates to my blog in 0 ways. but how can i not reblog this. you have to be one heartless person to not reblog this.

I really hope he is found. 

oh my god. have hope. i wish you the best of luck omg <3

We are with you

Please reblog this beautiful boy to help the family find their lost son 😢

Please reblog. We have to help the family to find their lost son.

So yeah, the long awaited second season of Chuunibyou is here! Everyone’s back with their antiques, but i know it won’t be boring at all. Just look at the battle, and listen to the battle theme. Cool, right? Too bad that Nibutani still denies her chuunibyou and change her appearence. Now Kumin is part of the team too, huh? Great, but still need a lot of training.

The new character will soon came, i guess. A friend or a foe? That’s what we need to know. Anyway, am i the only one here who thinks that Yuuta looks like Rufus from Grand Chase? He’s cool even with a simple costume.

Late again because of the troublesome internet connection. Yeah, talking about love. It seems that Natsume starting to realize about her feelings to Harutora. And Suzuka… what should i say about her? Well, she starts communicating with others, which is a good thing. Tenma should get more screen time, you know. And finally… Harutora starts to realize that Natsume is the one who controlling Hokuto, after a long time and many hints shown to him.

The next episode title sounds a bit intriguing… Time for some action, i guess. And Touji… it seems that i have to admit that he is cool. Super cool. Do i have to say why? 

End of the story, huh… Well, i have to say that was totally unexpected. Maybe some of the fans think it’s lame, boring, or totally mainstream, but i think it’s wonderful. You see, it still leave us a lot of question unanswered. Such as, where and what excatly are Miroku and Izumi? Human with youmu inside? And Yayoi Kanbara is more than just a spirit hunter, i guess. Akihito is a half youmu, but Yayoi said that he is special. The same goes to Mirai Kuriyama.

KyoAni is still toying with our feelings, i guess. But it’s still wonderful. Maybe it has ended in this episode, but this series will always live on the heart of the fans. Including me. Anyway, that Idol Saiban is totally cute.

Finished watching episode 10 & 11. Man, i don’t know what i have to say in those episodes. Akihito is not immortal anymore, Hiroomi removed his scarf (which is quite dissapointing, weaken his power for a change), Izumi Nase is still confusing me, and again, Miroku is showing his true color this time. Plus, Yayoi Kanbara has returned and well, she is an interesting character as always.

Next episode will be the last one, huh? Too bad… This anime is so awesome, both the action and the heartwarming moments. And don’t forget those hilarious things too. And it all will end in the next episode…

Finally freedom! I have finished my semester tests… for now. There are more to come. Sigh… But, it’s very important to laid your back and enjoy life once for a while. So, i’ve watched some anime… Especially this one, i finished watching episode 9 & 10. That bureau guy is suspicious… And Touji, why is he has to be so damned cool in every episode?! Always looked cool in all situations (including his Ogre form). Kagami Reiji is cool too. And in episode 10… wow, i’ve good times watching this episode! The return of Dairenji Suzuka, everyone’s expression, and that girl from the third year… who is she? 

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